Three phase asynchronous external rotor fan motor

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Three phase asynchronous external rotor fan motor

Summary of YWF Seiries axial fans
1.YWF series axial fans are external rotor fan motors.These motors have characteristics of compact structure, convenient installation, energy conservation and high efficiency
2.YWF series axial fan motors have two types,single phase asynch ronous capacitor run fan motor and three phase acynchronous fan motor. They are widely used In condenser,evaporator and other refrigeration equipments and ventilating cycle areas.
3.The insulation class of the YWF series axial fans is B or F.
4.Voltage:Tno voltage of the single phase fan is 220V/50Hz and the voltage of the three phasoe fan is 380V/50Hz.We can also supply other fan wlth different voltages and frequencies according to clients' requirement.
5.The standard length of the electrical wire on the fan is 1.5m and we can also supply the fans with connection box for clients' choices.
6.The applicable ambient temperature of the fans used in condenser is from-30 ℃ to 60 ℃
7.The average service life of fans is over 30000 hours.
8. All fans got CE approval in Europe and CCC safety certificate in China.
9.Before cperating the fan,make sure the earth wire the fan connected with the extemal grounding device.
10.Fan characteristic measured in full bell mouth without guard grill.

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Air direction:Sucking

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