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Refrigeration parts Vibration eliminator

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Refrigeration parts Vibration eliminator

Refrigeration parts Vibration eliminator mainly used for the connection of compressors and circulation pipes of freezers, home (automobile) air conditioners, freeze dryers, etc. to absorb the vibration generated by the compressor and protect the entire piping system.
The compressor supported by the spring cushion requires the installation of flexible metal hoses ( vibration eliminator tubes) on the suction and exhaust pipes to prevent the compressor from transmitting vibration and noise through the refrigerant pipes.
The vibration eliminator should be parallel with the crankshaft as far as possible. In the start-up phase, the starting torque of the motor causes the compressor to sway to both sides, and the vibration eliminator installed parallel to the crankshaft is easy to adapt to this movement. Horizontally mounted vibration eliminator are not allowed to be perpendicular to the crankshaft.
Material: stainless steel, copper
Built-in spring, excellent cushioning effect.
Made of stainless steel to increase tube flexibility and shock absorbing function.
The human design has room for telescoping to provide good cushioning.
1.To absorb effectively vibration, noise,thermal expansion from pipeline system
2.To resolve minor deviation because of piping connecting and eliminate the pipeline residual stress;
3.Applied to repeated motion in high temperature areas,good anti-fatigue performance;
4.Good flexibility,resistant to high temperature, resistant to corrosion.

Product Specification

Material:stainless steel, copper

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