cold storage building

cold storage building

Cold storage equipment

Cold storage building

Cold storage building is used for food freezing and refrigerating buildings, it is by artificial refrigeration method, so that the library to maintain a certain low temperature. In order to reduce the introduction of external heat, the cold floor, walls and roof are laying a certain thickness of moisture barrier and insulation in the food cold storage project management, should be based on the characteristics of food cold storage, the implementation of scientific management to ensure Safe production, to extend the service life, reduce production costs, save maintenance costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
Food cold storage can be widely used in food plants, dairy plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouses, warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, military units, laboratories and so on. Food cold storage is mainly used for the constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, medicines, chemical raw materials, electronic instrumentation and so on.
Cold storage project in general by the refrigerator refrigeration, the use of low-temperature gasification liquid as a coolant, mainly by the compressor, condenser and evaporator tubes and other components.
Folding drugs
Product cold storage temperature is generally +2 ℃ ~ +8 ℃, cold storage of medical and pharmaceutical equipment mainly cold and cold storage at room temperature can not be preserved under the conditions of various types of pharmaceutical products, refrigerated at low temperature refrigeration can make the drug does not degenerate failure, prolongation Shelf life of drugs, to the medical supervision of the technical requirements.
Refrigeration has many advantages, such as refrigerated fresh-keeping and refrigeration, homogeneous functions, energy-saving and energy-saving. The most advanced low-noise imported Copean cooling unit improves the refrigeration efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of the cold store.

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Cold storage building is used for food freezing and refrigerating buildings, it is by artificial refrigeration method

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