Cold storage equipment

Cold storage equipment Description

Cold storage equipment includes Compressor, Evaporator and Condensing Unit.


Semi hermetic Copland or Bizter compressor, crankcase heater, vibration absorber, oil separator, condenser, condenser fan motor, liquid receiver, liquid supply valve, dry filter, sight glass, solenoid valve, pressure controller, oil pressure difference controller, high-low pressure controller, junction box, frame etc.


  • The Evaporator(DD/DJ type) is consist of cooling coil, air circulating fan, Fan guard, defrost controller, electric heater element and a thermostatic expansion valve.

Condensing Unit:

By exchanging heat with air, the condenser cools the high-temperature, high-pressure gas refrigerant sent from the compressor and condenses it into liquid refrigerant This heat exchange allows the air conditioning system to emit the heat absorbed by the evaporator from inside to the outside.

Cold storage equipment Features:

1) High performance

2) The subcooler integrated with the condenser further cools the liquid

refrigerant, resulting in increased refrigerant enthalpy and improved

evaporator cooling performance

3) Thinner tubes and fins improve the heat exchange rate

4) Smaller header tank and lower side plate height increase the effective

heat exchange area of the core part that exchanges heat, without

increasing the installation space

5) Small size, light weight and easy installation

6) Integrated modulator with condenser tank

7) The tube's zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance, resulting in reduced

tube plate thickness

Product Specification

Cold storage equipment includes Compressor, Evaporator and Condensing Unit

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